Historically underserved and underrepresented.

The Centre for Safer Sex and Sexual Violence Support is committed to amplifying the voices and experiences of students from marginalized communities, including those who identify as LGBTQIA+, as Indigenous and/or as a person of colour, as a woman and/or as a trans person, and/or those who have a physical or mental disability.

About Us

Mission and Values

The Centre for Safer Sex & Sexual Violence Support serves as a peer-run, community-based, safer space for knowledge-sharing, educational opportunities, and empowerment with the intention to prevent & respond to Sexual and Gender-Based Violence on our campus and in our communities. We also serve as the Toronto Metropolitan University community-hub for FREE safer sex & menstrual hygiene supplies.

As a Resource


The Centre for Safer Sex and Sexual Violence Support was conceived as a resource for students to access information about having safer sex, creating a consent culture on campus, and accessing sexual violence supports. What began as a small office on campus has grown to include a professional staff member, student staff, and dozens of volunteers. We grew to be able to offer safer sex supplies and menstrual products to any student that needed them, and started running exciting events and campaigns designed around supporting survivors and building consent culture. We introduced an amazing peer support phone line where survivors could call to get information specific to being a TMU student and speak to a peer in the same life stage as they are. This line has since grown from limited hours 5 days a week to continuous support for anyone who needs or wants it. After a referendum, we also introduced a chat line where students could access text based support from anywhere in the world. We are proud of how we have continued to grow and that we can now offer more types of support than ever before. We can’t wait to see the exciting things we’ll be able to do next, and welcome all students to be a part of that growth!

Policies and Procedures

Here you can download both the Centre for Safer Sex and Sexual Violence Support Policy and the Sexual Assault Survivor Support Line Policy. The Centre for Safer Sex and Sexual Violence Support believes strongly in creating our policies and procedures with input from any Toronto Metropolitan University student who wants to be a part of the process. It is very important to us that anyone accessing these services has full transparency about what we can and cannot promise as an organization. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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